Browser compatibility is here!!!
With the release of iConnect 3.2 we have initiated our process of supporting additional browsers and platforms! We now support:

- Internet Explorer (version 7.x or higher)
- Firefox (version 9.x or higher)
- Safari for Macintosh (version 3.x or higher)
- Chrome (version 16.x or higher)

For other browsers such as Opera, Safari for Windows - we don't provide 100% compatibility, however we try and use industry best practices which should provide a decent experience for less common browsers.   For the best experience with iConnect, we recommend the use of the more common browsers.

Mobile and tablet devices? We are not quite there yet!   But our goal is to better support the main functionalities within iConnect with Apple's iPad and Blackberry's Playbook. You can access the main applications using a tablet device; however, there are a number of limitations that exist when using comprehensive tools like iList and Slingshot with a tablet.  Unfortunately one of the currently existing key security limitations is the ability to upload photos and files, which limits adding new listings or adding photos to existing listings. We will be continuing to improve our support for mobile tablet devices in the upcoming releases.

Please continue to provide feedback through the normal support channels to your region.